Family Day Festival

Organise an Event

Host your own Family Day event

and tell us about it. We’ll publicise it here and also share any photos you send us of your celebrations. Family Day is about celebrating your family and friends by sharing fun time together.

Things to do include:

  • A picnic – whether it’s heading off to the park or countryside, or bringing your Sunday lunch out to the garden, food somehow always tastes better when eaten outside
  • A treasure hunt – who is hot and who is cold?
  • A trip to the beach to build a giant sandcastle ¬†or even sculpt members of your family with shells for eyes and seaweed for hair
  • Your own ‘sports day’ with traditional races such as the three-legged stumble – great fun for all ages!
  • Kite-flying – you could even try making your own kites with sticks, string, tape and a plastic bag
  • A sing-along – find a silly hat and pass it around. Whoever’s wearing the hat gets to sing a song. Make up your own Family Day song
  • Letter writing – everyone get together to write a letter to each family member. Tell them three things about them that you think are great. Post it to them and look out for your own letter/s to arrive in a few days. If you have a baby family member, write to them too and keep it for them to read when they’re grown up. If you did this every year on Family Day, it would be a wonderful gift for them to receive in the future
  • A nature walk in a nearby park or forest – our native birds are busy building nests and raising their families; how many might you spot? And now is the time to look out for visitors like swallows, cuckoos and swifts too
  • An arts and crafts afternoon – create your family portrait
  • Everyone write a funny story featuring family members and gather together to read them
  • You could celebrate Family Day by trying something that you or your children always thought would be fun and just never got around to, like origami. Here’s how to make a dinosaur!
  • Or draw the colourful Family Day banner that you can see above which celebrates family diversity

Consider inviting some family members, friends or neighbours to join you on Family Day to enjoy some of these activities together. Maybe each person could make or bake a dish for a communal meal.

Email us with your ideas. We’d love to hear your Family Day celebration plans.