Family Day Festival

Be part of Ireland’s Biggest Family Tree

Ireland’s Biggest Family Tree will be created on Saturday 19 May 2018. We need you to get involved!

TreeFamilies come in all shapes and sizes and everyone should have pride in their family form. All families matter and all families are equal.

  1. Print off this  leaf design
  2. Draw you family in the leaf.
  3. Join your leaf with your family’s picture together with lots of others to create Ireland’s Biggest Family Tree in Smithfield Square, Dublin 7 at Family Day on Saturday 19 May.

Come along, bring your leaf or else create one on the day, and choose where you’d like to add it to the Family Tree yourself. Then you can receive your ‘Message from a Tree’, and enjoy all the fun, games, art, magic and entertainment at Family Day too, which is all free. Or else email your leaf to us or post it to us at One Family, 8 Coke Lane, Smithfield, Dublin 7 , and we’ll make sure to add it for you.